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Swimming pool tiling in West Midland

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Swimming pool tiling works in West Midlands

There are Swimming pool tiling works in West Midland, Birmingham Swimming pool, Statford Pool, Wednesbury Pool, Hinckley Pool. The pools are of different sizes and of different execution and they are all exposed to heavy duty use. Pool tilings are affected not only by mechanical effects, but weather conditions and the aggressive environment (different chemicals used for cleaning).




For these reasons, pool works can be challenging tasks. Usually, pools are tiled with white tiles, often with black lines, which show up well. The tilings are not just in the pools, but along the sides as well, with non-slip ceramic tiles. Furthermore, there are the changing rooms and other service rooms, which are set up with traditional wall and floor tiling.


We did wall tiles and with foot rest and finger grip fitting. After we did epoxi grout two component with kerapoxy. Work laying on floor tiles 200×200 ceramics. Setting wall tiles 600×300 ceramics